Collaborative Divorce

 Avoid a Battle...
       Stay Out of Court...
                    Solve the Problem.

Collaborative Divorce is Different.

Collaborative Divorce uses an interdisciplinary team approach that integrates specialists as part of the process.

Parties are coached individually and together to obtain skills needed for the negotiation process.

The focus is on the health of the whole family; during and after the divorce.

The children are given a voice: a child specialist advocates for them and helps parents create a parenting plan that takes children's needs into consideration.

Parties are given additional support and an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills necessary for negotiation and four-way meetings by having a personal divorce coach.

The integrative process provides additional structure to contain conflict, change destructive behaviors and create positive change in the family.

Through this process you will:

  • Gain the emotional support and the skills you need to
    resolve highly charged issues.

  • Receive individual attention and be able to voice your concerns.

  • Obtain help in gathering and documenting financial information
    to develop income and expense budgets.

  • Work together with your attorneys and counselors to
    resolve your differences.

Find out how this approach can help you meet the needs of all involved,
now and in the future.

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